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David M. Martin, MA, MATS, LPC


I have worked in the field of mental health for 30 years. I have a wide range of experience and training to best meet your individual needs and concerns. It is important to know that I do not believe anyone is "broken" or "sick." We all have challenges and obstacles in our life. Usually the most beautiful and tender parts of our self are lost in the shadow of what is most painful for us. That is not illness; that is life.

My Experience


Over 30 years of experience in Mental Health.

* EMDR trained

* OBLCT Approved Clinical Supervisor

* LGBTQ+ Competent Services including assessments and letters for transgender surgery.

*Specialization in Men's Studies and Masculinity.

* Treatment of Depression and Anxiety.

* Treatment of PSTD and related chronic childhood sexual abuse and neglect.

* Experience in Addictions, Severe and Persistent Mental Illness (SPMI), and individuals with developmental disabilities.

Client-Centered Focus


I believe that psychotherapy works and can help in overall life satisfaction. The base of my approach is rooted in human-centered, strengths-based and developmental theories that take into account who you are and where you have come from. I like to learn how you define your life and what will make your life uniquely and wonderfully yours by your own definition. My ideal client is someone who is curious and open to making their life a more deeply rich and healthy experience for themselves and those with whom they have, or want to have, more meaningful relationships.

Psychotherapy Services


Individual Counseling

It is my pleasure to offer you a unique, supportive, and personalized experience no matter what brings you in for therapy. I posses a wide rage of clinical specialties and treatment modalities ranging from: EMDR, CBT (cognitive behavioral), Existential, Interpersonal, ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy), Transpersonal & Jungian, Narrative Therapy, IFS (internal family systems), and others. 


I am currently in-network with Aetna, United, and Providence Insurances. I am working on becoming credentialed with OHP Health Share. Please check back for ongoing updates. I also accept private pay and have a sliding scale available as needed. 


Clinical Supervision

I offer individual and group clinical supervision for LPC interns in Oregon. I believe that early professionals deserve competent and engaged support to develop their skills and approach. Through a relational, systemic, and trauma-informed lens, I strive to provide the new, or seasoned, professional a means to learn the craft of superior psychotherapy and develop a firm yet flexible foundation for their own career. 

I also offer one-time clinical case consultations or ongoing support as needed.


Transpersonal Education & Consultations

Astrology - Natal Chart & Transits

This unique offer is for those who like to travel off the beaten path. I also have 30 years of experience in the practice and study of Astrology. I find that it can offer the spiritually-minded analysand information beyond the normal pale of mental health. This consultation can serve as an introduction to transpersonal and archetypal foundations of the psyche. For seasoned followers of Astrology, we can review natal and current transits that offer insights and archetypal keys into major life transitions or difficulties. 

Dream Interpretation: Personal Focus

This is a unique, personalized educational experience. The solo-journeyer will delve into the mysteries of their dreams. Participants will learn tools to help gain insight to understanding the messages and meanings in their dreams as well as for living with and enhancing dream symbol effectiveness in their lives. Participants will also learn about the Jungian concept of archetypes and their various aspects in the psyche.

Archetypes of Childhood: Healing Masculinity

This focused individual psychotherapy is based on Moore and Gillette's book, "Warrior, King, Magician, Lover" (1992). Participants will explore the archetypes of male childhood: The Divine Child, The Hero, The Precocious Child and the Oedipal Child. Through a mixture of readings, discussions, literary examples and creative exercises individuals will gain an understanding of these archetypes and how they work for and against us in our adult life.


Please contact me if you have any questions. 

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